Alpha ACC-216 Starting Clamp for Tennis and Badminton


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Starting clamp for tennis and badminton:

  • A key tool for every stringer.
  • The Starting Clamp is made of heavy duty steel.
  • Uses 3 springs to better help maintain tension.
  • Removable springs, clamp strength can be adjusted.
  • Rubberized handles provide grip and comfort.


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For sale is one heavy-duty starting clamp for tennis and badminton. The brand is Taiwan Alpha ACC-216. This clamp is a good buy because it is made of unpolished stainless steel and features diamond power coated gripping surface for secure holding with minimal clamping force. It has three elastic springs suitable for stringing both tennis and badminton rackets, and the ergonomic design makes this clamp comfortable to use. The grip on this clamp is about the same as the Gamma clamps. For badminton, stringer might want to remove one of the spring to reduce tension. The ACC-216 features:
  • Diamond-coated teeth
  • Handle distance: 3.25 inches
  • Superior gripping power
  • Secure any string
  • Used as starting clamp to hold any type or size of string at any tension to start tensioning process.
  • Also used as starting clamp to hold the string from outside the frame for 50-50 string pattern.
  • Also used for patching or tensioning short strings by using a discarded piece of string to extend it to the string gripper.
  • 1 piece per package

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