Practice Hit – Tennis Swing Trainer Training Aid


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– The practice hit training aid allows players to perfect their stroke and footwork all in a tight space and as long as they want.

– The price is higher on this item because China Post considers the volume of the package over the regular limit.

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*Notice that we ship with the containing box cut down (reduced length) to comply with the post office’s size regulation. Tis does not affect the content inside the box.

For sale is one Practice Hit Tennis Swing Trainer. The new standard length is about 82 cm. The junior length is about 65 cm, and the new longer length is about 85 cm. This is because these new updated lengths are better fit based on user’s feedback. For the junior length, you can add height by placing it on a bench or a solid base. Contact us if you want customized length.

Good tennis techniques is best learn through correct repetition. The Practice Hit is designed so you can hit the ball more accurately, more often, and portably in many different locations. This is because the more you execute your stroke correctly, the faster you learn. You will see noticeable results using the Practice Hit regularly a few minutes every week. Furthermore the more you use the Practice Hit, the better your focus on the ball leading to a stronger game.

It all starts at the point of contact. When you can focus correctly on the ball at the point of contact, you are going to have better balance. With proper balance, you will be able to hit with more power and accuracy. If you use the Practice Hit 10 minutes a few times a week, you’ll feel an improvement in your game and grow more confidence. You will have more fun and enjoy the game at a higher level of mastery.

Because there are repeated impacts, the practice ball will eventually wear out. Contact us to inquire about replacement. The price will only be what the manufacturer and our courier charge us.

If you have a pre-existing injury, medical condition, or experiencing discomfort or pain in using this training aid, STOP using it and consult your doctor. The instruction sheets are not in English. You can look at the pictures for guide. You can also use the Camera option in Google translate app to translate.

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65 cm, 82 cm, 85 cm, Customized Length

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