Volkl Cyclone Tennis String Reel 1.25mm, 1.20mm, or 1.15mm


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Volkl Cyclone string will give players tremendous spin and power. Unlike a traditional poly, the co-poly monofilament design of this string gives it improved comfort as well as better feel and durability. The polygonal gear-shaped construction provides exceptional spin potential and aggressive bite on the ball. Control is also improved thanks to the enhanced grip on the ball.


For sale is the Volkl Cyclone tennis string reel 200m/660ft. This high quality co-polyester comes in the diameter of 1.25 mm, 1.20 mm, or 1.15 mm. It has a new 10-sided polygon for ultimate spin to go along with surprising playability. The 10-sided polygon geared shape features significant ridges, which help to really bite the ball and result in the ability to generate tremendous amounts of spin. As with many shaped strings, the Volkl Cyclone uses advanced technology and high-strength polyesters to create a combination of different properties of unique materials. The advantage to this construction is that every aspect of performance in a string can be tuned by altering the block associated with it. The overall effect is that the the Volkl Cyclone offers enhanced ball speed, improved control, and most importantly, incredible spin as compared to typical polyester strings.

Notice that the gauge, label, and case can be different because of different country/region. For example 18L gauge in one can be 18 in another. (See pictures for detail.) The one consistency is the diameter measurement. The Volkl Cyclone 1.20 mm is similar OEM as the Taan TS5850. Buy Taan TS5850 if you want extra saving.

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1.15mm, 1.20mm, 1.25mm

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