Power Swing Wind Resistance Fan Training Aid Trainer for Tennis and Other Sports


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The Power Swing is a wind resistance stroke training and strengthening device. It is ideal for tennis strength training for any age or skill level whether you are working on your serve, forehand, or backhand. It is designed to work on sport-specific strength training by mimicking specific movements while introducing greater resistance. The Power Swing is also a good cross resistance training aid for other sports such as golf, baseball, football, basketball, soccer, hockey, etc. This is because the handle provides a good firm grip to work on the core muscles.

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For sale is one tennis Power Swing resistance fan trainer. The shipping weight is about 700 g, and the blade has a length of 34 cm and width of 10 cm. Wind resistance stroke training and strengthening device has been used throughout the years by tennis players, coaches, and trainers such as Justine Henin, Jelena Jankovic, Victoria Azaeenka, Carlos Rodriguez, Pat Etch Etcheberry, Tom Avery, etc. It allows players to merge movement drills with upper body strengthening for more efficient workouts. There is also powerful overspeed training and kinesthetic learning benefits for all playing levels wanting to speed up their swing. This swing trainer is also a good cross resistance training aid for other sports. This is because the handle provides a good firm grip.

You can use the Power Swing to work on a tennis-specific strength training by mimicking specific movements while introducing greater resistance. After using the swing trainer your normal racket will feel lighter and easier to use on a variety of tennis strokes such serve, forehand, two-handed backhand, etc. It allows you to simultaneously combine a variety of elements of a technical practice such as footwork and stroke with a strengthening workout for more efficient and effective use of time and effort. This is because the handle provides a good firm grip. It is safer to use because it requires no additional weights and relies on your own body weight and the wind resistance from your own swing.

Because the blades are plastic and can become brittle with constant exposure to heat and sunlight, store the swing trainer indoor to prolong its life. Screw driver in picture is not included in this sale. The instruction is not in English, but you can look at the pictures for guide. You can also use the Camera option in Google translate app to translate.

We suggest that you remember to exhale / breathe out as you swing forward with the swing trainer. This is to relax your body as it adjusts to the new training. It is also good practice to exhale as you swing forward on every shot. If you have a pre-existing injury, medical condition, or experiencing discomfort or pain in using this training aid, STOP using it and consult your doctor.

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